Designing the identity for the Helsinki Biobank and supporting ad campaign

  Branding        Print Design        Visual Identity

In collaboration with the Helsinki Biobank, we conceived and visualized the “Be part of Science” campaign to involve citizens in providing a biobank sample.


In order to secure future biobank research which could prevent and treat diseases, it is important that the working processes and goals of the biobank are communicated well to both stakeholders and citizens.

Our collaboration with Helsinki Biobank began with the creation of a visual identity and continues with maintaining the brand’s look and feel in its communications.


The campaign involved citizens who had given a sample and medical experts who shared how the biobank samples had benefited their research.

In addition, the solution was communicated to children through the acclaimed concept of Biominä. The complicated subject was simplified and made visually easy to understand to a younger audience.


Kaufmann designed the visual appearance of the ”Be part of Science” campaign and the concept of Biominä for the Helsinki Biobank, which utilized both expert and patient perspectives.

The visual look consists of, among other things, presentation infographics, print material and a responsive campaign website.

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