Kaufmann is the leading healthcare design agency in the Nordics. We are experts in healthcare services, and believe that problems are best solved by understanding our clients and end-users better. Together we can make healthcare better. Kaufmann is part of Nordic Healthcare Group (NHG). NHG is a pioneer in advisory services for the health and social services sector, with more than 100 professionals serving clients all over the world



When applying design thinking to healthcare and social services, we focus on the people who actually use the service. To solve problems, we use diverse methods such as workshops, interviews and observation to help our clients improve the quality and availability of their services.


Creating better user and employee experience in healthcare and social services is one of our most important tasks. We help build better employee engagement through greater communication within the organisation. Our aim is to design tools which help our clients get to know their users.


We have a long history of developing and implementing digital tools. Great usability of these tools is vital for digital care systems. We are experts in designing for accessibility.


We believe focusing on value helps us build better healthcare. Together with Nordic Healthcare Group we are forerunners in measuring value-based services and developing cutting-edge user-reported experience measures for healthcare and social services.