National Pediatric Rheumatic Patient Journey​

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Using the collaborative methods of service design and in co-operation with university hospitals, we created a national pediatric rheumatism patient journey for use throughout in Finland.


Families do not have unified treatment journeys for pediatric rheumatism. Instead, different care units have described their treatment individually in varying ways. As a result, not all families have access to sources of necessary and reliable information.

In addition, care units have not had collaborative opportunities to share best practices in treatment.


The role of the patient journey is to help children and their loved ones better understand how their care is progressing, what kind of areas each professional is responsible for and what to expect along the way.

The journey was published in Terveyskylä. Supporting advertising material was also produced and introduced to all Finnish rheumatism units.


Families have access to treatment related information of their child’s rheumatoid arthritis, regardless of location or time.

A clear patient journey helps in care planning and engaging families in care.

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