Developing the Siun Sote home care employee experience using service design methods

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Through interviews and an extensive employee experience survey, the current state of employee experience, strengths and key areas for development was mapped out.


The North Karelia Association of Social and Health Services’ Siun Sote decided to invest in employee experience in order to find ways in which employees can provide care and cope better.

There was a desire to put home care workers at the centre of development work through service design. Siun Sote already had good previous experience of utilizing service design methods, which is why they decided to try them out once again in order to support their home care worker’s experience.

There is a common concern about the resilience of employees. In the workshops all participants contributed in an open-minded manner. Areas which needed improvement were discussed transparently. Through this, the project was able to consider the root causes and possible solutions.


With the help of service design, home care workers were placed at the centre of the development project.

Throughout the project, the employees felt that they were truly listened to and their opinions were valued. Accordingly, the response rate to the all staff survey was very high: over 70%.

Collaborative workshops were seen as a rewarding and efficient way to tackle challenges together and get ideas from employees. There is a great need for employees to be heard. For example, the Wall of Concerns they created was immediately introduced in the organisation. In the future, a similar idea can easily be replicated in other Siun Sote operations.


Siun Sote’s home care now has clear development framework for 2020.

They especially thanked the service designers of Kaufmann / Nordic Healthcare Group for the well-executed project. They appreciated keeping to the schedule and the final outputs, both in terms of content and visual clarity. The framework is being used and taken forward.

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